Club History and Information

We're living here in Allentown
-Billy Joel

allentown_rotary_distelfinkThe Rotary Club of Allentown was founded by seven local businessmen on June 1, 1914. The Honorable Richard W. Iobst was elected our first president, and meetings were held in the Hotel Allen, above Koch Brothers Clothing Store at Northeast Center Square. By September of 1914, the Rotary Club of Allentown had 32 members.

From 1929 to 1992, the Rotary Club of Allentown held meetings at the Americus Hotel. The meetings then moved to the Allentown Hilton from 1992 to 2003. In 2004, the club moved its meetings to the Jewish Community Center in Allentown, but then went back to the Holiday Inn on Hamilton Street. In February 2014, The club relocated to meet at the America on Wheels Museum in Allentown.

In 1969, the Allentown Rotary Club Foundation was established to provide worldwide humanitarian grants to needy peoples and worthy projects, and educational awards for international exchanges of scholars and teachers and business and professional people. Its objective is the achievement of world understanding and peace through international charitable and educational programs. Annually, the Foundation distributes money to qualified local charitable and social welfare programs through our Community Service Grants.

allentown_rotary_gearRotarians contribute to the Foundation in any number of ways. Over the years, members have chosen to make a gift on their anniversary or birthday, or to commemorate the birth of a child or grandchild. Others have contributed to honor, or in memory of, a family member, close friend, fellow Rotarian, business associate, or on other occasions of special recognition. Contributors may designate whether they want their contribution to go to the Scholarship Fund or to the Foundation General Fund.


100 Years of Service

In 1990, the Allentown Rotary Club awarded the first Roger & Louise Mullin Scholarship to students attending Allentown’s three high schools: Central Catholic, Dieruff and William Allen. The scholarship was officially named after Roger Mullin and his wife, Louise, who gave the $50,000 lead contribution.

In 1987, The Rotary Club of Allentown admitted its first female member, Susan Hewitt Hoffman; which coincided with women being eligible as members of Rotary International. Dolores Laputka served as our first female club president from 1997-1998.

For additional information about the Rotary Club of Allentown, please order 100 Years of Service Above Self: The Allentown Rotary Club 1914-2014 by Allentown Rotarian Frank Whelan

Allentown Rotary Club Foundation: Tax Return Documentation
Allentown Rotary Club Foundation: Form 990 (2014)icon_adobe_pdf


Past Presidents of the Allentown Rotary Club
Honorable Richard W. Iobst*1914-1915
Abbott S. Weibel*1915-1916
Oliver C. Dorney*1916-1917
Andrew K. Jacks*1917-1918
Royal W. Weiler*1918-1919
Edmund Collins, Jr.*1919-1920
Fred D. Kutz*1920-1921
Ray S. Brown*1921-1922
Fred C. Lorish*1922-1923
Charles O. Henry*1923-1924
Frank T. Hagenbuch*1924-1925
Harry D. Sollenberger*1925-1926
Dr. William C. Troxell*
(Past District Governor 1940-1941, District 179)
John A. McCollom, Jr.*1927-1928
Hiram W. Dodd*1928-1929
Col. Clarence J. Smith*1929-1930
Louis C. LaBarre*1930-1931
Fred Weindel, Jr.*1931-1932
W. Bruce Macintosh*1932-1933
Fred W. Moyer*1933-1934
Frank J. Haberle*1934-1935
Ralph H. Henry*1935-1936
Ezra E. Fetzer*1936-1937
Calvin J. Radman*1937-1938
Judge Henry V. Scheirer*
(Past District Governor 1951-1952)
James E. Weiss*1939-1940
Ignatius R. Mayer*1940-1941
Clifford H. Trexler*1941-1942
Luther R. Bachman*1942-1943
Reverend Conrad W. Raker*
(Past District Governor 1958-1959)
Frederick R. Johnson*1944-1945
Thomas J. McNabb*1945-1946
H. Newsham Bentz*1946-1947
C. Spencer McElyea*1947-1948
C. Donald Bachman*1948-1949
Henry W. Parker*1949-1950
J. Frederic Dreyer*1950-1951
F. Willard Harper*1951-1952
Garrett E. Miller*1952-1953
Charles S. Hertz*1953-1954
Ray C. Held*1954-1955
Abram Samuels*
(Past District Governor 1964-1965)
Willett E. Egge*1956-1957
Dr. Dale H. Moore*1957-1958
Henry M. Faucett*1958-1959
Milton H. Focht*1959-1960
Richard S. Peifly*1960-1961
Robert H. Dilcher, M.D.*1961-1962
Robert E. McNabb1962-1963
C. Robert Broderick1963-1964
Theodore R. Berger*1964-1965
Charles A. Raab*1965-1966
Roy E. Burton*1966-1967
Orlando M. Bowen*
(Past District Governor 1979-1980)
Remo Canova*1968-1969
Robert L. Hewitt*1969-1970
Henry G. Neubert*1970-1971
Robert A. King1971-1972
Captain Charles L. Garrettson*1972-1973
Robert J. K. Butz1973-1974
Joseph F. Billera1974-1975
Caleb K. Hobbie*1975-1976
James W. Harper1976-1977
Frank J. Concannon*1977-1978
George S. Boyer, M.D.*1978-1979
Elton W. Samuels*1979-1980
Harris O. Warrick, Jr.1980-1981
Willard H. Gehman*1981-1982
A. Malcolm MacMillan*1982-1983
Thomas H. Christman1983-1984
Donald DeLorenzo1984-1985
Donald H. Gaylor, M.D.1985-1986
Watson W. Skinner*1986-1987
Joseph E. Holaska*1987-1988
John H. Krimmel, Jr.1988-1989
C. Andrew Hobble1989-1990
Robert J. Kayes*1990-1991
David A. Peifly*1991-1992
Lynald E. Silsbee1992-1993
Rev. David Hill1993-1994
Richard C. Raab1994-1995
Charles S. Shoemaker1995-1996
Edmund D. Barry1996-1997
Dolores A. Laputka1997-1998
Asa M. Hughes1998-1999
Rodney W. Wells1999-2000
Wendy Body2000-2001
Kenneth Kirshner2001-2002
Donald Sillivan2002-2003
Ellen Baker Ghelardi2003-2004
Robert W. Brown2004-2005
Kathryn Frazier2005-2006
Rolf Schlake2006-2007
Ibolya Baylog2007-2008
Peter S. Smith2008-2009
Judy Barberich2009-2010
G. Larry Campbell2010-2011
Theresa Podguski2011-2012
Jonathan Epstein2012-2013
Pastor Robert Stevens2013-2014
Christine Bauder2014-2016
James F. Kratz2016-2017
Barb Bottitta2017-2018